Having Big Boobs Is The Best

Having Big Boobs Is The Best

With your great titties, you wear, like a badge of honor, the mightiest symbols of womanhood, capable of both nurturing offspring and driving a man mad with lust.

Biggest advantage is it keep your man happy.

You always have a reason to buy expensive bra’s.
When you’ve got big breasts you need a good bra to support them. It’s that simple. Otherwise weird things are going to be happening. But! Don’t go for the ugly big grandma-bra’s. Nope, you have the right to PRETTY ones. So go shopping. Life is good.

Unbutton one button and everything you desire is yours.
There are just certain things that seem impossible to get arranged, until you unbutton your top button. Like so: setting foot inside a fancy bar and waiting forever to order a drink? Unbutton that shit.

T-Shirts Fit Like a Dream
With a larger rack, you never have to worry about looking ho-hum in a T-shirt. That said, best to avoid overly busy prints if you want to carry on your business with constant gawking.

You Always Look Sexy

Natasha Gomz

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